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NEXGIM Delivery Terms and Conditions


For Regular Deliveries:

1) Under normal circumstances, for orders received at this moment, delivery will be made around 14-21 working days.

2) Supplier will contact the customer by phone within 3 working days of confirming receive the order after received order from shops

3) Supplier will contact the customer by phone one week before to confirm the delivery date & time

4) Free delivery is applicable to selected places within Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories (excluding warehouses, Discovery Bay, Ma Wan, outlying islands, Hong Kong International Airport and restricted areas, or premises accessible only by walking on staircases).

5) If the destination is accessible by trucks and located in Discovery Bay, Ma Wan or Tung Chung of Lantau, delivery is possible but the customer will have to pay extra charge.

6) Regular deliveries are scheduled from Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 9pm. If the customer requires a specific time for delivery, an extra charge of HK$250 will have to be paid.

7) If there are extraordinary circumstances occurring on the delivery date, such as severe weather condition, flooding, road congestion or closure, deliveries may need to be delayed or withheld. We will contact the customer by phone or text messages within 24 hours to arrange for another delivery date and time.

8) On the delivery date, if the item cannot be delivered due to the customer’s reasons, or no one open the door at the customer’s place at the agreed time, the delivery charge for the failed delivery attempts will be forfeited and cannot be returned. If it is necessary to schedule another time for delivery, a delivery charge of HK$700 together with extra charge for special service/area will be charged to the customer.

9) For queries regarding the delivery arrangements, please contact our Hotline: 2395-3913


Special Delivery Service and Computation of Extra Charge:

Special delivery to a destination not reached by elevators and accessible only by walking on staircases, an extra charge according to the number of staircase steps will be charged. For a same destination address, for each item delivered, the charge for the first 10 up/down steps will be HK$120, thereafter HK$70 for every 10 or less up/down steps (the same charge is applicable for less than 10 steps).


Delivery to Remote Areas and the Applicable Extra Charge:

• Ma Wan +HK$40 (Delivery time from 10am to 4pm)

• Discovery Bay +HK$170 (Delivery time from 10am to 6pm)

• Tung Chung +HK$40

• Please contact us to quote for delivery to other remote areas.

Remarks: The charges mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice.

For enquiries, please send a email to